AF 10H 3D inground

MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene Underground Storage Tanks)

  • Manufactured from MDPE Medium Density Polyethlene.
  • Potable (Drinking Water) grade available.
  • 600x600mm or 800x1000mm manhole access.
  • UV Stabilised.
  • Ribbed sides for extra strength.
  • Various inlet and outlet configurations.
  • 1500 litre – 9500 litre tanks are 1 piece Roto-moulded construction.
  • Factory tested.
  • Standard Colour: Black.
  • Heavy duty – Longer life span.
  • Please Specify Inlet & Outlet Requirements
  • Please enquire about Access Covers
  • All prices are exclusive of VAT


Our Underground tanks have ribbed sides which strengthens the tank enormously! So much so that you can back fill them with only road plannings or crushed concrete. Most other underground Tanks have to be back filled with Concrete which is very costly. Please consult our technical Department regarding installing underground tanks.

  • Our tanks are moulded with no inlets or outlets. The advantage of this is that we can incorporate any pipe fittings/ couplings to all our tanks to suit every customers requirements. Please specify tank connections when enquirying or ordering our range of tanks.
  • All our tanks have access manhole, so please enquire about the various options available.
  • We offer a UK Nationwide delivery service on all our tank products.
V Tank Step 1,2,3,4. 01

Installation of Turret System and Access Cover.

Step 1. Select the correct turret. All turrets have a diameter of 600mm. Please note that turrets can be reduced in size to suit finish ground level etc.

Step 2. Slide the turret in to the top molded access rim.

Step 3. Fit the Manhole access frame to the turret.

Step 4. Fit the manhole

Installation of a Rubber Pipeseal

Fitting a Pipeseal

Step 1. Mark on the tank where you require inlets and outlets. On of the benefits of these tanks is that there are numerous points on the tank where you can fit pipeseals. It is very simple to fit pipeseals to these tanks as they are made of Polyethylene which is easy to drill.

Step 2. Select the correct pipeseal for the required pipe connection, then select the correct size holesaw. This is very important because if you use a hole saw thats too big, then you will not get a water tight seal. If the correct sized holesaw is not available, then mark out the pipeseal circle on the tank and cut through the tank carefully and as neat as possible.

Step 3. Once the hole is drilled, deburr the edges of the hole which will help insert the pipeseal.

Step 4. The Pipeseal should now be inserted into the tank hole which should be a tight seal.

Step 5. Spray WD40 onto the inside of the pipeseal so that your pipe ‘slides’ through the pipeseal.


Stock No. Capacity (litre) Capacity (Gallon) Manhole Tank Design Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
6076 4400  968 Various Horizontal 1900 2500
6077 7000  1540 Various Horizontal 2100 3500
6078 9500  2020 Various Horizontal 1900 4000
6079 11500  2530 Various Horizontal 1900 5500
6080 14000  3080 Various Horizontal 1900 6500
6081 16500  3630 Various Horizontal 1900 8500
6082 19000  4180 Various Horizontal 1900 9500
6083 21500  4730 Various Horizontal 1900 10500
6084 24000  5280 Various Horizontal 1900 11500
NS-T 26500  5830 Various Horizontal 1900 12500
NS-T 29000  6380 Various Horizontal 1900 13500
NS-T 31500  6930 Various Horizontal 1900
NS-T 34000  7480 Various Horizontal 1900
NS-T 36500  8030 Various Horizontal 1900
NS-T 39000  8580 Various Horizontal 1900

For more information on our MDPE Horizontal underground tanks, please download:- SPEC.24 Your Solution For D&H Heavy Duty Underground Storage Tanks

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F-LINE-mitTwinCover Print

Flatmax Low Profile Underground Storage Tanks

Flat max tank are available in 4 different sizes ranging from 1500 litres to 7500 litres. They Are generally used when ground water levels are high and offer a low cost installation due to their low profile tank design.

  • Easy and Quick to install.
  • 25 year tank warranty.
  • one-piece compact tank design.
  • Minimum groundwork required.
  • Moulded pipe connection points.
  • Ribbed sides for added strength.
  • Tanks can be coupled together to achieve greater capacities.
  • Sump basins allow optimal utilisation of tank volume.
  • Technical drawings available.

For more information on our Flatmax tanks, please download:- SPEC.62 Your Solution For Flat Slimline Underground Tanks

Tube Tannk (underground image) 1

Underground ‘Tube’ Tanks

Our Range of Underground ‘Tube’ tanks are a range of high quality Polyethylene tanks manufactured in the UK. Designed to be installed either above or below ground, these tanks are used in a wide range of applications.

Ideal for:-

  • Pump Stations
  • Sump tanks for yard rainwater colllection
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Sewage and water storage.

Because they are made from Polyethylene these tanks can easily be adaptedfor use in other industries and bulk liquid and various Agricultural storage applications. This range features a one-pice molded tank in volumes of 350 litres – 6000 litres. This unique low-profile single skin tank system can be installed in granular surround in the most difficult ground conditions. Must be installed as per manufacturers recommendations.

Tube tank benefits
Stock No: Description Capacity (litres) Capacity (Gallons) DesignType Diameter Height Price
 6180 UndergroundStorage Tank  1150  253 Vertical  1260  1090  POA
 6181 UndergroundStorage Tank  1400  308 Vertical  1260  1535  POA
 6182 UndergroundStorage Tank  1900  418 Vertical  126  1690  POA
 6183 UndergroundStorage Tank  2150  473 Vertical  1260  2135  POA
 6184 UndergroundStorage Tank  3350  737 Vertical  1260  1900  POA
 6178 UndergroundStorage Tank  6000  1320 Horizontal  2100  2200 (long)  POA
 6297 4″ Rubber Pipeseal Adaptor  –  –  4″  –  POA
 6208 6 Rubber Pipeseal Adaptor  –  –  6″  –  POA
 6170 450mm Pedestrian duty Access cover  –  –  –  POA
 6171 450mm Access Turret.  POA