Using extensive knowledge of the industry and invaluable experience in the field, D&H Animal Husbandry continues to develop unique products to assist in the challenges that face you every day. Combined with this D&H Animal Husbandry hold huge stocks of your every day consumables and make them available to you on a rapid delivery service – direct to your door!


D&H Animal Husbandry supply a wide range of high quality mineral and vitamin supplements to suit all diets and systems of production. From early life nutrition through to fattening, nutrition is essential at all stages. Phone now for FREE advice on all your nutritional requirements.

Have you tried:

  • Motiv8 CalBol and EnerBol for pre and post calving?
  • RangerMin Powdered Minerals?
  • RangerBlock FeedBlocks when you’re short of grazing?
Stacked BucketsIlk for Cattle & Sheep imageMotiv8 Cattle & Sheep Drench







Animal Care

For every animal breed, whether lambing, calving or simply handling, D&H Animal Husbandry supply the complete range of animal care products for the quality stockman and shepherd.

Have you tried:

  • Westergun or Battlestick injectors?
  • Wasp Livestock Coaxer for easy animal handling?
WesterGunFoot_rot_sheers Wasp-Coaxer


Hygiene is a vital element within the profitability of any farming enterprise. D&H Animal Husbandry sells a range of quality hygiene products, providing the widest choice for all types of use. From Dairy Chemical, teat dips to disposable milking gloves and paper towel, D&H can deliver the complete range nationwide.

Have you tried:

  • RangerCare Teat Wipes? Trial Data Available
  • SaniZorb Bedding Disinfectant? Request a FREE Sample!
VirkonS Sanizorb Disposable_nitrile_gloves

The Yard

D&H Animal Husbandry offer you the complete range of yard equipment, including a wide range of rugged hand tools, brushes, wheelbarrows, buckets, water troughs and much more.

Twin_wheeled_barrow Steel-manure-fork Plastic_drinking_trough