Dont get left in the Dark this winter

Diesel power has become a mainstay in the generator market due to high fuel effieciency. Portability has also developed into a key issue for many small businesses and homeowners who need a reliable source of Power whenever they need it. Hyundais range of Portable diesel powered generators have some very efficient and vital functions that set them apart from the rest. All our portable generators feature four-stroke are cooled, direct injection Diesel engines, with a large fuel tank capacity. Their enclosed acoustic canopies ensure quiet running and they also come with a low oil alert with automatic engine shut down and accurate overload protection. The LCD controller provides multi-function display.

1500RPM Portable Diesel Generators.

  • 5.kW- 10Kw Power Output.
  • Economical to run – Run on as little as 1L/hr (Red or White diesel)
  • Long Run Tank – Upto 30 hours on ‘LR’ models.
  • Electric, remote and Auto-start options.
  • Hyundai A.V.R. Alternator for smooth output
  • Ideal for Home, Business & Agricultural uses.

Single & Three Phase 1500RPM Diesel Generators.

Diesel Generators  image


  • Smooth power output – Brushless AVR Alternators
  • Auto-start/ Heaters/ Battery Chargers/ ATS. AMF Options.
  • Slow running for long life
  • Digital control panel for exact engine control and protection.

For more information, please download:- Hyundai Diesel Generators 01