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D&H’s Adblue Pumps and Tank range of High Quality innovative products includes Pumps and tanks for dispensing ADBLUE™. Blueplus is a registered trademark of excon pump solutions which is now part of the D&H Group. Whether you are storing or dispensing Adblue from small containers or drums and IBC’s or whether you buy in bulk, we have the Ideal Adblue pump and tank solution for you. Our Adblue electric pumps are very reliable and have a 2 year warranty. We also supply a wide range of Adblue accessories including Drum and Tank adaptors, Hose sets, Flow meters, and stainless steel fittings. please give us a call today with your requirements.

What AdBlue Pump system do I need?

What Adblue pump system do I need

To download the above Blueplus AdBlue pump selection chart, please go to:- What AdBlue pump system do I need


Rotary Hand Pumps & Kits – AdBlue™

Rotary Hand Pump for pumping Adblue
The Adblue rotary pump is specifically designed for dispensing Adblue. Capable of a flowrate of upto 15 ltrs per minute. It comes complete with a Drum adaptor and dip tube which is suited to 200 ltr drums

  • Manufactured from PVC with PTFE (teflon) Valves.
  • Supplied with 200 litre drum adaptors
  • 3 piece dip tube
  • This pump can also be fitted to an SEC adaptor
  • Hose kit available as an optional extra (2 metres of hose and hose clips and 19mm stright nozzle)

Do not operate any pump on a closed head.

Stock No: Description Flowrate Connection Price
 6426  Rotary Hand Pump  15 L/min  MSS Trisure/ Mauser  £69.00
 6425  Rotary Hand pump Kit inc. Rotary hand pump  15 L/min  MSS Trisure/ Mauser  £109.00
 6423  IBC Rotary Hand pump Kit  15L/min  SEC  £209.00

Lever Hand Pump – AdBlue™


Adblue Lever Action hand pump


Self-priming piston pump designed for transfering Adblue from 20 litre – 200 litre drums. It delivers a generous 330ml per stroke. It has an anti-drip nozzle.

  • Includes drum adaptors
  • Telescopic suction tube to suit 20ltr containers and 200 litre drums
  • Hose kit available as an optional extra (2 metres of hose and hose clips and 19mm stright nozzle)

Do not operate any pump on a closed head.

 Stock No:  Description  Flowrate  Connection  Price
 6431  Lever Pump Only  330ml per stroke  Trisure/Mauser  £69.00
 6458  Lever pump Kit (Pump not inc.)   –  –  £109.00
 6473  Stainless steel connection for connection to SEC coupling  330ml per stroke  SEC  £13.90

Easyglide AdBlue™ Hand Pump

Plunger pump for Adblue


High quality Polypropylene and Polyethylene construction that fits 1000 litre IBC’s and 200 litre drums of Adblue.

  • Patented piston less direct lift pump. There is almost no mechanism to fail, jam or wear out. The pump has 2 working parts in the form of flap valves which do not take excessive loads or pressure.
  • Delivers AdBlue on both Up and down stroke.
  • 20mm delivery spout.
  • Anti drip spit. The spout rotates to prevent dripping.
 Stock No:  Description  Flowrate  Connection  Price
 4139  Easy glide AdBlue Hand Pump for 200 litre drum  400ml per stroke  Trisure/Mauser  £55.00
 6475  Easy glide AdBlue Hand Pump for 1000 litre IBC  500ml per stroke  2 inch BSPM   £80.00
 4138  Easy glide AdBlue Hand Pump for 25 litre drum  180ml per stroke  Female 61  £32.50
6478  Easy glide 3 metre hose and nozzle kit  –  £34.00

 Gravity Hose kit


Gravity Hose kits for 1000 litre IBc od Adblue solution


Provides a easy and quick way of dispensing Adblue from 1000 litre IBC’s. The kit connects to the bottom outlet (valve) of the IBC.

  • S60x6 Buttress IBC Connector – 1″ BSP Male thread
  • 1x 1″ x 20mm Adblue hose barb
  • 4 metres of Premium dispensing flexible hose
  • 1 Plastic Manual dispensing Nozzle
  • 2x Stainless steel hose clips
 Stock No: Description Flow Rate Connection Price
 6470  Blueplus Adblue Hose Kit for 1000 litre IBCs Variable 20mm £89.00

Electric Pumps suitable for Dispensing AdBlue™

Electric 12 volt and 240 volt Adblue pumps


Blueplus electric pumps are  self-priming and available in 12 volt and 240 volt. Designed to pump 35 litres of AdBlue per minute. The motors are protected to IP55 and are compact and easy to operate.

  • 1″ x 20mm Hose barb connections.
  • Foot valve supplied for use with suction hose
  • On/off switch on motor casing.
  • 2 metres of electric cable. 12 volt unit c/w Battery connection clips
  • By-pass facility (2 minutes)
  • 12 volt and 240 volt option
  • Other voltages available on request.
 Stock No: Description Flow Rate Connection Price
 6428  12 volt Blueplus dispensing pump only 35 L/min 20mm £269.00
 6429  240 volt Blueplus dispensing pump only  35 L/min 20mm £269.00

Drum Pump Kit – AdBlue™


Adblue electric pump kit for 200 litre drum of adblue

This neat 200 litre drum pump kit is compact, easy to set up and operate. The kit includes; 35 L/min Adblue self-priming pump (12 volt or 240 volt), Suction hose c/w SEC adaptor to connect to top of drum, 4 metres of dispensing hose c/w manual polypropylene nozzle. This kit is fixed to a stainless steel mounting bracket which sits securely on the drum.

  • 12 volt or 240 volt pump option
  • On/off switch located on motor casing
  • Plastic nozzle holster with drip containment
  • By-pass facilty (2 minutes)
  • 2 metres of electric cable
B+ Nozzle and flow meter


Blueplus stainless steel automatic cut-off nozzle and flow meter available as an optional extra.

Stock No: Description Flow Rate Connection Price
 6427  12 volt Blueplus 200 litre drum pump kit  35 L/min  20mm  £375.00
 6459  240 volt Blueplus 200 litre drum pump kit  35 L/min  20mm  £375.00
 6433  Stainless Steel Automatic shut-off nozzle  –  20mm  £175.00
 6434  Electronic flow meter  –  1″BSP  £125.00

IBC Pump systems – AdBlue™

IBC Adblue Pump system - Basic & Ultra units


The Basic Blueplus IBC Pump system is aailable in 12 volt and 240 volt. The stainless Steel IBC Side mount system fits securely on the side of the IBC.

  • 35 L/min Self-priming pump (12 volt or 240 volt)
  • Stainless Steel Side mount system
  • Plastic manual nozzle c/w nozzle holster with drip containment
  • 2 mtrs of suction hose and 4 metres of dispensing hose
  • SEC adaptor.

The Ultra Blueplus IBC Pump system is the professionals choice. The ultra kit will transform an IBC into a premium dispensing system, with its heavy duty stainless steel automatic shut-off nozzle and digital flow metre. This is a popular choice for regular uses of AdBlue.

  • 35 L/min Self-priming pump (12 volt or 240 volt)
  • Stainless Steel Side mount system
  • Stainless Steel autonatic shut-off nozzle c/w nozzle holster with drip containment
  • Digital in-line flow meter
  • 2 mtrs of suction hose and 4 metres of dispensing hose
  • SEC adaptor.

IBC Connections

Adblue Drum & IBC connections and adaptors

When purchasing AdBlue in IBC’s or 200 litre drums, it is important to know what type of Tank/ drum adaptor is supplied with your delivery of AdBlue. IBC’s are supplied with any of the above connections.

A. This connector is called a SEC adaptor formally known as a CDS adaptor. All Blueplus electric pump kits include the SEC Adaptor/ coupling as standard.

B. Some manufacturers use a Micromatic adaptor, which requires the correct Micromatic stainless steel coupling. The micromatic fitting must be purchased separately to the range of Blueplus electric pump kits.

C. IBC’s can be supplied with a S60 outlet valve installed at the bottom of the tank. An valve adaptor kit must be purchased separately to the pump range.


 Stock No: Description Flow Rate Connection Price
 6460  Basic IBC Pump System  35 L/min  12 volt  £375.00
 6430  Basic IBC Pump System  35 L/min  240 volt  £375.00
6461 Ultra IBC Pump System 35 L/min 12 volt  £545.00
6462 Ultra IBC Pump System 35 L/min 240 volt  £545.00
6474 Micromatic Adaptor £109.00
NST S60 Valve Adaptor Kit £23.00

Transportable Adblue™ Tanks with 12 volt pump system


BluePlus Transportable Adblue Tanks (02)

Ideal for refuelling Vehicles ‘on the move’ with adblue. This 200 litre Transportable tank is desined to fit on the back of a pick-up truck or trailer. Fitted with a 12 volt pump c/w battery leads, and dispensing system. The tank is made from MDPE (medium density Polyethylene) which means the tank is very stong yet lightweight.

  • Forklikliftable
  • Molded Carrying handles for easy lifting when empty
  • 35 L/min 12 volt AdBlue Pump
  • 2 inch Fill point
  • Tank Vent
  • Molded tie-down points for safe transportation
  • Molded hose tidy
  • Manual Polypropylene nozzle.
  • stackable
  • Weight when full: 253kg
  • Dimensions: L 912mm x W: 601mm x H: 622mm

Price: £595.00+VAT, including delivery to UK mainland

Bunded Tanks – AdBlue™


B+ Adblue Dispenser


The safe and recommeded solution for storing and dispensing Adblue. Our Adblue tanks are fully bunded and available in 4 sizes from 1340 litre to 5000Litre. These tanks are popular for customer who purchase adblue in bulk loads. They all feature alock system for maximum security and all pump equipment is manufacured to the highest standards.

  • Robust MDPE Tank and bund construction.
  • 35 L/min AdBlue pump c/w on/off swich.
  • Stainless Steel Automatic cut-off nozzle.
  • Electonic digital flow meter.
  • Overfill prevention valve for safe filling
  • Todo 2″Stainless Steel fill point.
  • Lockable
  • 10 year Tank warranty
  • 4 metres dispensing hose.
  • Level gauge
 Stock No: Description Capacity (Litres) Capacity (Gallons) Diameter Height Price
 6441 AdBlue Dispensing System  1340  295 1410 mm 1740mm POA
 6442 AdBlue Dispensing System  2350  517 1700mm 1850mm POA
 6443 AdBlue Dispensing System  3500  770 2120mm 1750mm POA


Accessories for AdBlue

SEC Suction Coupling

Spill Free adaptor which is fully interchangeable with the CDS Coupling. Suitable for both drums and IBC’s and ideal for use with the above Rotary hand pump, making it an innovative pump system at a very competitive price

Stock No:6435. Price: £29.00+VAT

Digital Electronic Flow Meter

Easy to install, in line or at the end of the delivery hose, this unit is compact and features a easy to read digital display. Its simple turbine technology makes this unit reliable. Inlet and outlet connections are 1″ BSP and 1x 1″ Stainless steel coupling is supplied with the kit for connecting to a pump etc. It is sutable for both gravity and pumped systems.

  • Inlet: 1” Male BSP. Outlet 1” Female BSP.
  • Flowrate: Min: 6L/min. Max: 100L/min. Max Pressure: 10 Bar
  • Accuracy: +1/-1%
  • Meter body can be rotated to suit different pipework configurations.
  • Only sub total is resettable.
  • Easy to install and use.

Stock No: 6434. Price: 139.00+VAT

Dispensing Nozzle


B+ Nozzles

Two options of Adblue dispensing nozzles are available. The standard basic manual polypropylene nozzle with 20mm hose connection and the premium Stainless steel automatic shut-off nozzle. Both are designed specifically for Adblue. The manual nozzle has a lock off facilty and is manufactured to the highest standard.

  • Hose Connection: 20mm
  • Spout: 19mm

Stock No: 6432. Polypropylene manual nozzle. £39.00+VAT

Stock No: 6433. Premium Stainless Steel Automatic shut-off Nozzle. £:169.00+VAT

Adblue Premium Hose

Premium PVC Flexible AdBlue hose is suitable for both suction and discharge applications. It is reinforced which gives it strength yet is very easy to use and store away when not in use.

  • Max. Pressure: 10 Bar

Stock No: 6436: £7.24 per metre +VAT

We specialise in supplying a range of Tank systems to suit large ADBLUE users. Please contact our technical team today with your requirements.