Rainstor Rainwater Harvesting for Agriculture

Agricultural Rainwater Harvesting  on Farms 01

Images of Agricultural Rainwater Harvesting systems

Agricultural Rainwater Harvesting is becoming increasingly popular for Arable farmers due to the simple fact that soft water is much more effective with most Agricultural chemicals. The benefit is a saving on chemical conditioners. Also as sprayers are increasing in size it means that they take longer to fill. A Rainwater harvesting system will mean that you can also fill your sprayer much quicker as all our Rainstor Rainwater Harvesting systems are supplied with a 2″ or 3″ valve c/w male camlock coupler so that your connect your suction hose to the tank system and fast-fill your sprayer. Planning is very important when considering and Agricultural Rainwater Harvesting system

Agricultural Rainwater Harvesting systems for Above and Below ground applications

The above images show an Above ground Agricultural Rainwater Harvesting system and a Underground Rainwater Harvesting System.

How does the Rainstor Rainwater Harvesting System work?

001 Rainstor Pro Series  Rainwater Harvesting Schematic Drawing Agricultural Rainwater Harvesting Filters and Diverters explained

Twin Filter Schematic Drawing - How its works.jpg 01

Points to consider

  • How many roofs can you Harvest Roof water from, bearing in mind the layout of the guttering. If a single roof is your only option, then an above ground rainwater system is recommended. If you want to harvest water from multiple roofs, and have multiple downpipes, then an underground system may be your best option.
  • How much water do you actually want to Harvest? This is generally calculated from the size of your sprayer and your sprayer operations. The average rainfall in the UK is 65cm approx. per annum. (54 litres of rainwater  per m2 per month) example: Roof area: 450m2. 450m2 x 65cm of rainfall = 450 x 0.65 = 292.50m2 (1m2 = 1000 litres) 292’50m2 = 292’500 litres per annum divided by 12 = 29’250 litres per month. Please contact us with dimensions of your roof area/s so we can caluclate the amount of rainwater the can be harevsted from your roof/s. We recommend that you have the storage capacity of at least 1 months water usage. for example. A storage tank of at least 29’250 litre based on the above example.
  • Gutter height? Applicable when installing an above ground system.

Rainwater Harvesting Applications on Farms

Rainwater Harvesting system filling an Agricultural sprayer on Farm

We have seen an big increase over the past few years on Arable Farms, where the Rainstor Rainwater Harvesting system is used for filling up agricultural sprayers. The feed-back from the farmers is very positive and the Main benefit is the reduction in the amount of conditioners they use with some of the agri. chemicals – especially round-up.


  • It’s FREE- (Rainwater)
  • Fast filling of sprayer. Using mains water to fill sprayers is time consuming
  • Quick hose connection – Our camlock Valve system is simple and easy to use
  • Save on Mains water
Agricultural Rainwater Harvesting applications 02

There are numerous application on farms where ‘Harvested’ Rainwater could replace ‘mains’ water. Applications include; General water supply around farm, Dairy and yard wash-down facilities, Toiltes, Poultry and livestock drinking supplies, Toilet facilities, Firefighting reservoir water storage system etc. We offer UV Filtration units for Poultry and livestock water supplies. For more information on information on the above, please CLICK on the above image.

Above Ground Tanks

Plastic (MDPE) Vertical Water Storage Tanks

Plastic storage tanks used for Rainwater Harvesting - Agriculture
We offer a wide range of storage tanks suitable for Rainwater Harvesting, and the tanks we would recommend depend on the amout of water that you able to harvest from your roof areas etc. Our tanks are available in MDPE (medium density Polyethylene) We stock in a wide range of sizes from 1250 litres – 30000 litre capacity.

25000 Litre Water tank for Rainwater. 01


The above picture shows our 25000 litre Rainwater Storage tank with our Rainstor Filter 1 above the tank. This farmer wanted to connect downpipes from half their roof area and required as much capacity as possible. The pipework shown at the side of the tank is the waste from the filter. The filter diverts the water to the tank and the waste to the soakaway in this case. The overflow from the tank which is installed as high as possible on the tank is also connected to the waste pipe by using a tee.

For more information on our MDPE Water Storage tanks please download:- SPEC.18 Your Solution For D&H Vertical Water Storage Tanks

Steel Corrugated Steel Water Storage Tanks

Megastor Corrugated steel Tank for Agricultural Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

For larger installations our range of Megastor Corrugated galvanised steel tanks are an affordable option. Available in capacities of upto 1’000’000 litres make these tanks a popular choice. We offer a range of steel finishes and liners are manufatured e in EPDM and Butyl depending on the application. Various covers are available including; anti-algae cover, PVC heavy duty cover and in Galvanised steel to match the storage tank.

For more information on our Megastor water storage tanks please contact us today.

Underground Tanks

AF 10H 3D Underground storage tank
We offer a range of underground tanks manufactured from either GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and MDPE (Medium density Polyethylene)

  • GRP tanks are generally used if a large volume of water is to be stored. GRP tanks are more competitive than MDPE, but require a concrete backfill which can be is some cases a greater cost than the tank itself. GRP tanks are avialable in sizes of upto 100’000 litres. For more information on GRP Underground tanks please download:- SPEC.25 Your Solution For D&H GRP Underground Water Storage Tanks
  • MDPE tanks are a prefered choice of tank in sizes upto 9500 litre. MDPE is an extremely robust material yet very durable. In some cases, you can install this range of tanks and backfill the excavation with self-compactingaggregate ie: pea gravel. It is important to install all underground tanks as per manufacturers installation instructions. For more information on MDPE Underground tanks please download:- SPEC.24 Your Solution For D&H Heavy Duty Underground Storage Tanks

Filters/ Diverters


Rainstor Rainwater Harvesting filters x 3 image

All Rainstor Rainwater Filters/ diverters are manufactured to the highest standards and are available in both above and below ground options.

  • Above ground Filters/ diverters available for roof areas of upto 750m2
  • Underground Filters/ diverters available for roof areas of upto 1500m2
  • Self- Flushing
  • 2 stage filtration
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Molded Pipe connectors to suit standard drainage pipework.
  • Manhole access for easy maintenance

Above Ground Rainstor Rainwater Filters/ Diverters

Rainstor vertical above ground Filters/ Diverters are available in 2 sizes. The Rainstor vertical is suitable for roof areas of upto 450m2 and has 4″ (100mm) pipe connections. The Twin Filter is suitable for roof areas of upto 750m2 and has 4″ and 6″ (100mm and 150mm) pipe connections. The Twin filter is uspplied with a stainless steel bracket for installation to walls etc. For more information on our Above ground filters please download:- SPEC.19 Your Solution For D&H Rain Water Harvesting Filters

VF1 Layout Drawing 01

The above schematic drawing shows a typical layout of the 450m2 Rainstor rainwater filter/ diverter system connected to an above ground water storage tank.

Twin Filter Layout Drawing 01

The above schematic drawing shows a typical layout of the 750m2 Rainstor rainwater Double filter/ diverter system connected to an above ground water storage tank.

Twin Filter Layout Drawing 02

The above schematic drawing shows a typical layout of the 750m2 Rainstor rainwater Double filter/ diverter system connected to an Megastor Galvansied steel water storage tank.

Underground Rainstor Rainwater Filters/ Diverters

Agricultural Rainwater Harvesting filter Diverter for underground applications Underground rainwater layout drawing

The above schematic drawing shows a typical layout of the 1500m2 Rainstor rainwater Double filter/ diverter system connected to an underground water storage tank.

Rainstor Underground Filters/ Diverters are available in 2 sizes. The Rainstor Optimax Filter is suitable for roof areas of upto 750m2 and has 4″ and 6″ (100mm and 150mm) pipe connections. The Rainstor optimax Industrial is suitable for roof areas of upto 1500m2 and has 6″ and 8″ (150mm and 200mm) pipe connections. For more information on our Underground filters please download:- SPEC.19A,19B Your Solution For D&H Underground Rain Water Harvesting Filters

Rainstor Accessories

Overflow Siphon Valve
All our Rainstor Rainwater Systems incorporate a Overflow Siphon Valve which is installed in the tanks as high as possible. Any particles that are lighter than water float slowly to the top of the storage tank. The overflow siphon valve, with a skimmer effect, removes the floating layer to ensure optimum water quality. It prevents souring of the water. The standard unit has a 4″ connection(100mm) and is normally connected to the waste connection of the Filter/ Diverter (applicable to above ground filters/ diverters only)

Calmed Inlet

Rainstor Calmed Inlet sit on the bottom of the tank. Supplied with a 4″ (100mm) pipe connection the second cleaning step takes place. In the water column, and residual particles settle to the bottom of the tank. The calmed inlet ensures that oxygen rich water is introduced to the lower layers of the stored water in the tank. This ensures that water stays fresh longer.

Download Twin Filter System Layout Drawing for Schematic layout drawing of Typical Rainwater Harvesting System.


We offer a wide range of Pumps. The two most common pumps as shown above are both automatic and operate automatically on demand. The both feature an innovative pressure sensor unit which automatically detect when a tap or Ball cock float valve opens. The pump will then operate until the tap or valve is closed. We recommend that a small pressure vessel is installed in-line after the pump unit to compensate for leaking taps etc. For more information on the Inline pump please download:- SPEC.20 Your Solution For D&H Automatic Water Boosting Pump or for the Submersible pump please download:-  SPEC.56 Your Solution For D&H Submersible Automatic Pump

 Automatic Mains Top-up Valve Kit.

No rainstor system is complete without our Automatic mains top-up valve system which is designed to automatically maintain a low or minimum level of water in the tank during peak periods. The valve will only operate at times when there is insufficient rainwater to maintain a water level in the tank above the bottom stop. The valve is installed through the side wall of the tank and mounted above the tank overflow.

Jobe valve

Benefits include:-

  • No electrics required. This is a mechanical unit which which has been specifically designed for maintaining a minimum water level in storage tanks using mains water.
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Retro-fits almost any tank

For more information on the automatic tank Top-up system, please download:- SPEC.70Your Solution For D&H Automatic Tank Top-Up System

C-Level Tank level Indicator

C-Level Website 01
C-Level gauges are available as an optional extra. Safeguard your water supply with a C-Level tank level indicator… All models fit any storage tank – Plastic, Fibreglass, Steel, Concrete etc… any size…every situation-Farm, Industry or home… not only for water, suitable for most liquids. For more information please download the specification sheet below (C-Level information 01) http://www.dandhgroup.co.uk/c-level-tank-gauge-level-indicator/


We stock a wide range of fittings including Valves, pipe, camlock adaptors etc. Please contact us today with your requirements.