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Our Range of Horizontal Haulage Tanks, also known as Cartage Tanks are very popular with the UK Farmers,  who typically use these tanks, and place them in the back of Grain trailers or use a trailer chassis and adapt a suitable framework to secure the base of the tank. With a wide range of sizes upto 13000 litre, there is a size to suit every application. Ideal for taking liquid fertiliser out to the Sprayers out on the field. Our Haulage Tanks which are manufactured from MDPE are very strong yet durable and have been independently tested which is very important to ensure maximum road safety. These transportable tanks are used for both water and Liquid fertilisers and are offered in a variety of colours and accessories.

  • UV Stabilised to Withstand the elements
  • Reliable 5 Year Warranty
  • Strength through ingenuity of design
  • 4 Point Anchorage
  • Integral Baffle to reduce surge and increase stability
  • Calibrated tank for measurement of contents
  • Baffle Ball system available
  • Galvanised Steel Skid units available
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  • Calibrated tank markings for accurate measurements of tank contents. (Applicable for tanks manufacturered in Translucent green. other colours are opaque.
  • In the price of our tanks we include a FREE screwed outlet of your choice. The most common size for most of customers being 2” BSP. Our Tanks connectors are manufactured from HDPE (polyethylene) which ensure trouble-free long life.
  • Stainless Steel tank lid for all tanks over 5000 litre capacity. A screw on MDPE Lid is supplied as standard on all tanks upto 5000 litre.
Haulage Tank benefits

We specialise in a huge variety of valves etc. The one shown, is designed specifically for attachment to sprayers which require a Male camlock Banjo fitting for simple and quick connection. Please contact our technical department for our outlet combinations. For automatic tank fill up we offer a high grade Brass 1″ fast fill ball cock Valve which can be fitted to the top of all our Water and Horizontal haulage Tanks. When the tank is full the valve automatically closes the valve which stops the tank from overflowing.

Code CapacityLitres CapacityGallons DimensionsL x W x H (mm) Standard Outlet
171005 400 88 1190 x 1050 x 530 50mm (2″)
171010 600 132 1190 x 1050 x 725 50mm (2″)
171015 1200 264 1700 x 1320 x 770 50mm (2″)
171020 1500 330 1700 x 1320 x 925 50mm (2″)
171025 2000 439 2000 x 1420 x 1200 50mm (2″)
171030 3000 659 2400 x 1500 x 1200 50mm (2″)
171035 4000 879 2960 x 1450 x 1500 50mm (2″)
171040 6000 1319 3300 x 1800 x 1640 50mm (2″)
171045 8000 1759 3300 x 1800 x 1880 50mm (2″)
171050 10000 2199 4200 x 1900 x 1800 50mm (2″)
171060 13000 2859 4200 x 1900 x 2200 50mm (2″)

Haulage Tank Accessories


Haulage Tank Accessories. 02

We stock a wide range of valves to suit both inlet and outlet connections on storage tanks. Please contact us today for more information.

Baffle Balls

Our Patented Ball Baffles (available as an optional extra) in a Cartage tank, which reduces Fluid movement for improved load Stability. This system will save money by reducing mechanical tear and wear on your vehicle.

Ball Baffle Sticker.indd       Patnted Ball Baffle
  • Reduces fluid movement for improved load stability during transit
  • Suitable for use with all tanks
  • Food grade quality material – Suitable for potable water
  • Ball baffles can be used with water, Diesel and other liquids
  • Simple to install – Clip together and place inside tank
  • No Rust, lightweight, Durable
  • Low Liquid displacement
  • Large Ball displaces 428ml & weighs only 386g
  • Small Ball displaces 150ml & weighs only 120g

Recommended Quantity:

  • 355mm is 1 Ball baffle per 40 Litre of tank capacity
  • 195mm is 1 Ball baffle per 7 Litre of tank capacity.

Galvanised Tank Frames/ Skid Units

FS Steel Frame

We offer a range of galvanised tank frames to suit our range of Haulage tanks. Designed with fork lift points for easy mounting and dismounting when tank is empty. For more details on the Galvanised frames please download:- SPEC.16 Your Solution For D&H Galvanised Horizontal Haulage Tank Frame