Silage Eff. tank

Our range of Silage Effuent tanks are available in sizes upto 90’000 litres. Designed and manufactured in accordance with BS 4994/BS EN976. They are available in four specifications depending on the method of installation, tank invert depth and ground water table; standard, heavy, extra heavy and special. Manufactured from GRP (orthophalic Polyester resin and glass reinforcement)  Silage effluent storage tanks are supplied with a Chemical resistant liner (CR) with a 25 year manufacturers warranty.


  • 50 year life expectancy.
  • Available in 3 diameters; 1200mm ID, 1800mm ID & 2600mm ID. 1200mm ID upto 10’000 litre capacity, 1800mm ID upto 40000 litre capacity and 2600mm ID upto 90000 litre capacity. Please note that we can also manufacture 3500mm ID and 4000mm ID storage tanks.
  • 600mm diameter Access shafts
  • different pipe connections available
  • All tanks manufactured to your specific requirements.
  • Installation manual provided with every tank. Installation depends on ground conditions. ie: Dry, well-drained soil or wet or glay ground.

Sizing Effluent Tanks

The minimum capacity of effluent tanks must correspond to the silo capacity as shown in the table below. In the majority of cases these capacities should provide at least 2 days storage at peak flow.

Silo/ Clamp Capacity Minimum Effluent Tank Capacity
 Less than 1500m3  20 Litres for every 1m3 silo capacity
 1500m3 or more  30’000 litres plus 6.7 Litres for every 1m3 Silo capacity in excess of 1500m3
 500m3  10’000 Litres
 1000m3  20’000 Litres
 1500m3  30’000 Litres
 2000m3  33’350 Litres (30’000 + 3350 Litres)
 2500m3  36’700 Litres (30’000 + 6700 Litres)
 3000m3  40’050 Litres (30’000 + 6700 Litres)
 4000m3  46’750 Litres (30’000 + 16’750 Litres)

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For more information on our range of GRP Silage Effluent tanks please download:- SPEC.26 Your Solution For D&H GRP Class 1 Silage Effluent Underground Storage Tanks Please note that we offer a wider range of sizes. Please contact us today with your requirements.

For more information regarding regulations regarding the storage and handling of silage Effluent, please download the SSAFO Regulations:- SSAFO Regulations