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We supply the range of heavy duty open-framed petrol generators manufactured by Hyundai. Powered by Hevay duty Hyundai commercial 4-stroke engines.

  • Reliable
  • Heavy duty 32mm diameter rugged frame for maximum protection.
  • AVR Alternators for for smooth power outputs (excl. HY3400 Hire Pro)
  • 115V & 230V outputs. (HY12000LE-3-230V/400V)
Hyundai range
 Model HY3400 HirePro HY3100L(E) HY7000LEk HY90000LEk HY12000LE HY12000LE-3
 Max output  2700W  2800W  5500W  6000W  9500w  12.5kVA
 Engine Type  HY210-7hp/5.2kW HY210-7hp/5.2kW  HY39013hp/9.75kW  HY425-14hp/10.4kW  HYIC680E 20hp/15kW HYIC680E 20hp/15kW
 Engine Size  212cc 212cc  425cc  425cc  680cc  680cc
 Voltages  115/230V  115/230V  115/230V  115/230V  115/230V  230/400?
 Fual Tank capacity  3.5L  11L  22L  22L  25L  25L
 Run Time  Upto 3.5hrs  Upto 10hrs  Upto 16hrs  Upto 15hrs  Upto 12hrs  Upto 12 hrs
 Wheel Kit  NA  Optional  Included Included  Included  Included
 Weight  37kg  45kg  78kg  85  167kg  167kg

For more information on our Hyundai Petrol generators, please download:- Hyundai Petrol Generators 01