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We would like to Thank all our customers who visited our Stand at the Lamma 2015 Event. This year we entered our New BioBox Bio Filter System for the Lamma 2015 IAgrE award under the category “new product or innovation which has the most impact on the Environment.”

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Description of Product entered

“D&H Self-build Kits include Bio Filter and Bio Bed systems which offer an innovative solution to reduce pesticides found in water from designated sprayer fill areas located on Farms. The Bio system uses a Bio mix which is a combination of Straw, Soil and Compost. The NEW BioBox system is supplied as a self-build kit with complete installation instructions, for a quick and simple installation. The BioBox kit includes; Silt Trap, Primary underground collection Tank and pump system, pipework and fittings, Bio Boxes, and final irrigation dripline. The BioBox system has been introduced to help Farmers reduce pollution found in our water courses as a result of spillages, wash down of Agricultural sprayers etc.  All sprayer washings, spills are contained and treated by the Biomix where it undergoes Bioremediation to break down the pesticides by upto 99.8%”

This year at Lamma, there were 900 Exhibitors with an estimation of 45’000 people through the show over the 2 event days. The awards team received a lot of entries for this exiting competition which is judged by a panel of Judges who visit the stands of the exhibitors to select the winners! We have to demonstrate and explain the function and benefits of the products and explain why we entered our BioBox Filter system for the award award.

Later that day a Lamma official came to our stand and invited us to The Lamma Awards Dinner and Presentation at 6:00pm which was sponsored by SSAB Sweden who market Hardox steel products.


During the course of the evening, awards were given to the different category entries which were:-

  • MECHANICAL – Crop product equipment which is based on engineering design, material etc.
  • MECHANICAL – LIVESTOCK EQUIPMENT – which is based on engineering design, material etc.
  • TECHNOLOGICAL – Based on the use of new technology, electronics, GPS etc.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL – For the award for the new product or Innovation which has the most impact on the Environment.

We are please to announce that The D&H Group Were awarded a Certificate of Merit for The Best New ‘ Environmental’ Product or Innovation for 2015!



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For more information on our range of Bio Filters and Bio Beds;

To see a schematic drawing of the Bio Box system, please download: Bio Box Technical Drawing