15000000 Litre Bladder Tank

The D&H Group have recently designed and supplied a 1’500’000 Litre (1500m3) Flexible Bladder tank for the ‘Corrib Gas Project’ In Ireland. The Corrib gas project is one of the most significant engineering projects ever undertaken in Ireland, located some 83 kilometres off the northwest coast of County Mayo, this gas field will be developed as a sub-sea tie back facilty, connected to a pipeline to an onshore processing terminal located approximately 9 kilometres inland.

The longest tunnel ever built in Ireland has just been completed in Co. Mayo. The 4.9km tunnel, (which is 300m longer than Dublin’s Port Tunnel) has been under construction since January 2013. The tunnel runs under Sruwaddacon Bay, a special area of conservation (SAC) and will house a key onshore section of the Corrib gas pipeline.

The Corrib Gas Tunnel in numbers:

  • 500 Tonnes: the weight of the TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine)
  • 140 Metres: the length of the TBM
  • 28 Tonnes: the weight of the TBM cutter head
  • 15 Tonnes: the amount of food and water consumed weekly by the tunnelling team
  • 4.9 km’s: the length of the tunnel

The Bladder tank supplies the Cement works which is located on-site. A supply a fresh water is critical and is operational 24/7. The 1’500’000 litre storage tank is probably one of the biggest one-piece storage tanks installed in the UK. The advantage of Bladder tanks, is that they can be installed quickly and easily. A team of 14 men including 1 tank engineer installed and commisioned this tank within one day.

Bladder Tank specification.


  1. Tank Specification Data plate
  2. 4 x DN100 (4″) Vent & Overflow pipe connection
  3. 4″ Pipe inlet/ outlet connections
  4. Angle reinforcement for tank
  5. 4″ Pipe inlet/ outlet connections.
15000000 Litre Bladder Tank dimensions.

Our 1’500’000 Litre Tank measures a generous 32.56 metres wide x 38 metres long and 1.2 metres high at full capacity. When the tank empties the self supporting storage tank increases its footprint size by upto 1 metre. All pipe connection have a flexible connection, due to the fact that the inlet and outlets vary in height depending on how much water is left in the tank. All

Flexible Bladder Tank Base Specification 01

Base Requirements.

  1. Bladder Storage Tank
  2. The base should exceed the tank dimensions by at least 1 mtr
  3. 5 – 10cm of Compacted sand
  4. Ground Sheet. Supplied with every D&H Bladder Tank
  5. Concrete, Self compacting stone. ie gravel or fine crushed concrete or Road plannings etc
  6. Natural ground Layer.
Bladder Tank Installation 01

Bladder Tank Installation

A team of 14 men including 1 Tank engineer installed this tank in one day. This was a very important factor for the customer as time on-site was limited due to the high profile contract and extra water storage was required at relatively short notice. The tank was designed and delivered within a 3 week period, and with only a day to install made this the prefered storage solution for the project. The D&H Group have received an order for 4 more bladder tanks for a different contractor on-site. Each of these tanks are 300m3 (300’000 Litres)

Did you know, Bladder Tanks are used all around the World for:-

Flexitank Bladder tank range.