Through extensive knowledge of the veterinary industry and invaluable hands-on experience, D&H Animal Husbandry continue to develop unique products sourced from around the globe. Combined with our personal, honest, on-time and quality service, D&H Animal Husbandry have become the preferred supplier, time and time again.


D&H Animal Husbandry have continued to develop quality nutritional products for specific veterinary use, either by ‘own label’ or recognised brands. Unique nutritional products are essential to target group or individual requirements.

PowerR Keratin_Plus Calphormim

Animal Care

Wound care is one of the most common challenges of veterinarians today. D&H Animal Husbandry supply the complete range of veterinary quality wound care products, as well as wound applications and veterinary equipment.

VetSet_Poldress Hibiscrub VetSet_ComBee_V


Consistent hygiene is paramount for ongoing effectiveness. Included in the range is a wide range of products to assist you in maintaining a hygienic environment at all times.

VirkonS Disposable_latex_gloves Paper_towel(1)

The Yard

The complete range of yard equipment is supplied all over the world from barrows and brushes to forks and feeders, D&H have the choice, quality and stock holding to satisfy your requirements.

VetSet_box Standard_heat_lamp Bucket