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RangerLick Mineral and Feed Bucket Range

Stacked Buckets

A comprehensive range of quality mineral and feed buckets formulated to meet the requirments of both cattle and sheep by supplementing forage based diets throughout the production year. We stock a variety of buckets and can send a single bucket to a pallet. We believe that it is important you recieve the buckets you need on time


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Please see the specification sheets below.


RangerLick Aroma Spec Sheet    RangerLick Cattle Energy Boost Spec Sheet     RangerLick Cattle GP Bucket Spec Sheet     RangerLick EarlyLife Calf spec sheet     RangerLick EarlyLife Lamb Spec Sheet

RangerLick Energy Boost Spec Sheet     RangerLick Mag Boost Spec Sheet     RangerLick SuperMag Bucket Spec Sheet      RangerLick UltiMATE Spec Sheet

Motiv8 Mineral Drenches

Motiv8 Cattle & Sheep Drench

Motiv8 sheep

A carefully balanced, trace element mineral drench for ewews tups and growing lambs requiring additional mineral supplemention. Provides a broad spectrum of vitamins and trace elements suuitable for all breeds and ages.

  • Improves ram fertility,
  • Helps reduce barren ewes and increases lambing percentages,
  • Designed to enhance immunity and vaccine response, improving lamb viability and survival rates,
  • Increases growth and developement in growing lambs

Copper Plus is available for copper deficient applications

Recomended dosage rates:

1-15kg 5ml,

16-40kg 10ml,

41-55kg 15 ml,

Over 56kg 20ml

Motiv8 Drench Trial Data

Motivate Calf

The popular chelated mulitvitamin drench formulated to improve fertility and general health in dairy, suckler and beef calves.

  • Balanced copper content to meet the requirments in young calves by promoting bone formation and skeletal developement.
  • Improved immune system response
  • Contains selenium for improved fertility and calf viability – helps to avoid ‘white muscle disease’ in new born calves
  • Improved growth rates from Iodine content
  • Generous levels of Manganese promotes fat and carbohydrate metabolism

Recomended dosage rates:

10ml per 100kg
Protein Extra


The traditional RangerBlock continues to be popular for its cost effective and convenient presentation that is ideal for ‘outfield’ and housed livestock. Designed to stimulate the rumen micro organisms resonsible for digestion. The RangerBlock feed Blocks provide the natural catalyst needed by the animal to digest sufficient roughage and release more value from it.

RangleBlocks come in Three different varieties:

  • Energy Xtra,
  • Protein Xtra,
  • Mag Xtra

Each block weighs 25kg.  We supply 40 Blocks on a pallet and include 2 Galvanised block holders

RangerBlock Protein Xtra Feed Block

NU2540 25kg zero VAT

Helps to utilise forage effectively, providing the ideal supplement for all livestock.The cost effective solution to grass shortages or poor quality forage.

  • Cost effective.
  • Ideal for supplementing low quality forage based diets.
  • Suitable for cattle and sheep.


RangerBlock Mag Xtra Feed Block

NU2541 25kg zero VAT

Specifically formulated to help prevent grass staggers during the critical spring and autumn periods with increased levels of magnesium. Provides protein to help maintain performance and increase utilisation of forage.

  • Helps prevent ‘grass staggers’ at critical spring and autumn periods.
  • Excellent supplementation of low quality forage.
  • Suitable for cattle and sheep.


RangerBlock Energy Xtra Feed Block

NU2539 25kg zero VAT

Top quality feed block containing oils and protected fat to provide essential energy resources necessary for pre tupping/bulling and lactation. Helps to improve lambing percentage, forage utilisation and milk production.

  • Essential source of energy for all livestock.
  • Provides additional minerals and trace elements to maximise forage value.

• The most popular of the RangerBlocks.





ILK Calf Milk Replacer

Ilk Calf Milk Replacer is a high quality, al dairy protein based milk replacer. With 35% skim milk powder and a blend of specially selected easily digestable oils. It is an easy mix and instantised product suitable for bucke feeding, resulting in a muscular and flourishing calf.

Avaiable in 20 kg bags

For more details  please click on the PDF specification sheet >  ilk Calf Milk Info and Spec


ILK Lamb Milk Replacer

Ilk lamb milk replacer offers the best quality alternative product for feeding orphaned and under nouished lambs. Ilk Lamb Milk Replacer is suitable for teat, bucket, and automatic feeding. Suitable for sheep, goats and lambs for rearing & fattening. Ilk Lamb Milk Replacer is formulated to the highest standards using the best quality raw matierial available ensuring an early weight gainand excellent gut condition.

Available in 20kg bags

For more details please click on the PDF specification sheet >  ilk Lamb Milk Info Pack