Submersible pumps 01

We stock and offer a wide range of submersible pumps suitable for a wide range of applications for Agricultural applications. The pumps we have selected are all made to the highest standards offer ing ease of installation and reliability. Submersible pumps operate automatically by a float switch or by a built in pressure sensor which means they will operate only on-demand. For more information on our range of pump, please contact us today with your requirements.

St.St Auto pump

Stainless steel centrifugal pump used as a water boosting pump. It is also a popular choice for use with Rainwater Harvesting systems and installed for supplying header tanks, Washdown and to feed Livestock drinkers. This pump features a built in pressure switch which will automatically operate the pump on-demand. It is very reliable and can also be installed as a submersible pump. For more information please download:-

Petrol Engine pumps 01

We offer the Hyundai range of Engine driven water and Chemical pumps which are compact, lightweight and durable means of moving water or chemicals from one place to anaother in an efficient way. Various sizes available form 1″ – 3″ Being powered by a petrol engine means that there is no electrical supply required. For more information please click on image above.

Diesel pumps 01

D&H offer an extensive range of Diesel transfer pump systems and accessories. Whether you are looking for a single transfer pump or you are looking to upgrade your existing Fuel Dispensing system, we will provide the best solution for your application. We offer pumps in 12 volt or 240 volt and accessories include flowmeters, hose sets, Automatic shut-off nozzles, Filters. For more information on our Diesel pumps and accessories, please click on image above.

Blueplus Pumps

The Blueplus range is exclusively designed by the D&H group for dispensing and handling Adblue. Carefull research and development has resulted in the introduction of this innovative range of tanks and pumps. We offer the total solution for AdBlue users. For more information on our Blueplus Adblue pump range, please click on image above.

ATV Sprayers 01

Sprayrite sprayer range includes spot sprayers, Booms, pumps and accessories. ATV sprayers, Trailed sprayers and skid units are available for a quick delivery. All units are tested and manufacturerd to a high standard. For more information on our Sprayrite Sprayer range, please click on image above.

Generators 01

Hyundai Petrol and Diesel generators are a benchmark for stability in the power market, thses generators are avialable in a wide range of sizes to suit almost every application where a dependable power source is required. For more information on our Hyundai Diesel Generator range, please click HERE. For more information on our Hyundai Petrol Generator range, please click HERE.